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MediaCrew – a division of Filmquip Media, is a crew booking agency, servicing clients in all aspects of media. We take personal interest in the success of the crew that we represent and endeavour to follow and promote their careers to the betterment of the industry.

We ensure that the crew that we provide to our client base, both locally and internationally is of the highest standards.

Since its inception(August 2009), MediaCrew has had a creative and futuristic vision for the supply of freelance film crew in the GCC region.

We strive for industry excellence in servicing your every need , thus ensuring that we are on top of our game and that you receive the best that we can give.

MediaCrew is a service driven film and television agency that is passionate about people.

From training new introductions to the film industry, to the supply of specialised crew that are experienced in multi disciplines, ranging from international and local features, documentaries, corporate, music videos and events.

We drive growth within our industry and embrace any new opportunities that we are faced with.

We plan to set new standards and break new frontiers by attracting and supplying the most talented crew, thus enabling you, the client, to meet your challenges on your every production.

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